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We've got some clear guidelines.

what we do & don't

What we do: 

  • IAC advises American students attending high school in America or abroad, and Permanent Residents attending high school in America. Our message best serves those students who will enter a 4-year college immediately upon high school graduation or the completion of a gap year.

  • IAC conducts in-person, interactive workshops to get families on the same page about their expectations for a student’s college experience and advise them on the way forward.

  • IAC hosts an on-demand class that addresses the college search.

  • IAC offers personalized service packages that walk families through every step of the college search and admissions application process.

  • IAC works with a diverse clientele and does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, sex, age, national origin or ancestry, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, disability, status as a veteran, or high school/homeschool attended.

  • IAC will not work with paying clients who attend Moon Area High School in Moon Township, PA due to Jen Partica’s pending status as a School Director on the district’s Board of Education.

  • IAC endorses the Statement of Principals of Good Practice as approved by the National Association of College Admissions Counseling. Specifically, IAC pledges to

    • accurately represent our services;

    • not disparage secondary or post-secondary institutions;

    • not offer nor accept any reward or remuneration from a secondary school, college, university, agency or organization for placement or recruitment of students;

    • be responsible for compliance with applicable laws and regulations with respect to students rights to privacy;

    • encourage students and their families to take initiative in learning about colleges and universities;

    • provide information about opportunities and requirements for financial aid;

    • urge students to understand and discharge their responsibilities in the admissions process in a timely manner;

    • and encourage students to be the sole authors of their applications and essays and counsel against inappropriate assistance on the parts of others.

What we don't do:

  • IAC does not provide test prep, or academic tutoring.

  • IAC can not secure admission for clients to any college or university.

  • IAC can not secure scholarships for clients.

  • We do not currently advise non-American citizens attending high school outside of the United States of America or attending high school in the USA on a visa.

  • We do not sell client names, addresses, contact information, or other data collected in the normal course of business. If IAC would be in a position where it would benefit the student to have their information released to a third party (such as reaching out to colleagues at another college to find the answer to a question specific to the student), permission will be sought from the student (provided they are 18 years of age) or a parent.


"I understand the college search belongs to the student, but I also know students benefit from constructive parental guidance. I'm here to work with everyone involved in the search, bringing families together to conquer the process."             - Jen Partica, owner