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College Info Nights

Looking for a panelist or speaker for your school’s college prep programming? IAC is happy to work with you. Whether its speaking to students about the search, serving as a panelist on a college info night, or participating in a college fair, IAC can serve you while meeting a variety of your students’ needs. Email us and ask!

Staff Education

It takes years of education to become a teacher, and even more to become a school counselor, yet at no time in that formal education are you taught about the college search process. Most counselors learn on the job, in the “baptism by fire” approach. So if you’re interested in educating staff on their role in the search, hire IAC to conduct an in-service training.

We can focus on:

  • Teachers’ role in the search, including rating and writing recommendations

  • School counselors’ relationship with their college counterparts, counselor recommendations

  • The nature of the college search for both students and colleges, and the high school staff’s role in the grand scheme of things

  • Special considerations for students with IEPs, athletes, performing and visual artists, and students with specific religious considerations

  • Financial aid and scholarships

Access to an Expert

Have a question about a particular situation with a student? Or a trend you’re seeing in college admissions? Simply encountering something for the first time and unsure how to handle it? Reach out to IAC. If we don’t know the answer, we’ll find it by reaching out to one of our colleagues at schools and college across the country.