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Student & Family Services

House parties and 1:1 consultations.

Up and Running Package

Up and Running Package


Perfect for the student who wants to start evaluating 4-year colleges and universities but is unsure how to find what they need among the 3,000+ choices available in America.

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What you get from IAC:

  • Information-gathering consultation—conducted in-person or online—with both the student and at least one parent/guardian

      • topics discussed include discerning the student’s preferences for college location/size/major/housing options/etc… which can include a guided discussion to aid a student in making such preferences

      • review of the family’s general expectations of the university experience and desired outcomes

      • in-depth discussion of the student’s academic record and preparation thus far

  • Personalized report which summarizes the following:

      • what was discussed during the initial consult

      • IAC’s recommendations for what characteristics the family should be looking for in a college to achieve their goals and find the experience they seek

      • a personalized template for making email/phone contact with schools

      • and a “Long List" of 10-12 schools the family should investigate in-depth, visit, and from which they will likely cull the “Short List” of 4-5 schools to which the student will apply for admission.

          • The Long List provides profiles of schools detailing why IAC is recommending it for the student, basic stats (population, location, cost, etc…), where the student falls within the applicant pool, peer schools, details on academic/athletic/extracurricular opportunities as applicable, and contact information for the student’s territory manager within the admissions office.

    • A follow-up consult after the family has had time to fully digest the information contained in the report.

What IAC needs from you:

  • Input from both the student and at least one parent/guardian.

  • An honest reporting of the student’s academic record and test scores.

  • A willingness to make decisions about what at least some preferences so that the general profile for a potential match school can be formed.

  • An open mind to allow thorough and well-intentioned explorations of suggested schools.

How IAC reaches its conclusions:

  • Blending the art and science of counseling and research, IAC pulls upon 15 years experience in the field and a wide network of colleagues throughout the country to match each student with a diverse array of well-suited options.