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Student & Family Services

House parties and 1:1 consultations.

Ducks in a Row

Ducks in a Row


Our admissions expert preps your student for the college application process, coaching them through admissions interviews, writing the application essay, building a resume, developing relationships with college contacts, and more. This package is available anytime from August of the student’s junior year through September of their senior year.

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What you get from IAC:

  • Information-gathering consultation—conducted in-person or online—with both the student and at least one parent/guardian:

      • topics to be discussed include considering where the student may apply, under which decision categories they will apply (ED vs EA vs Regular), and the student and family’s schedule in the coming months;

      • and review of the family’s general expectations of the admissions experience and desired outcomes.

  • Initial proposal delivered to the family after the initial consult to include the following:

      • outline of application pieces to be completed and activities to be prepped for (i.e. interview, open house, etc…);

      • and a general timeline for completing the services.

  • Wrap-up report delivered to the family at the end of services and lists the following:

      • pieces of the application completed and ready for submission ;

      • next steps for the student to take regarding the filing of admissions applications;

      • communication skills practiced and a plan of when to use them;

      • and a comprehensive list of admissions application deadlines specific to where the student intends to apply.

    • 1:1 tutoring and advising with students regarding their resume, application essay, correspondence with colleges, and any additional application materials (writing samples, portfolios, auditions, etc…)

What IAC needs from you:

  • Input from both the student and at least one parent/guardian.

  • An honest reporting of the student’s academic record, test scores, and extra curricular activities.