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House parties and 1:1 consultations.

A House in Order

A House in Order


Our admissions expert project manages your student's college application process, coaching them step-by-step while keeping you informed with weekly executive summaries & status checks. Available anytime from April of a student’s junior year through December of their senior year.

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What you get from IAC:

  • Information-gathering consultation—conducted in-person or online—with both the student and at least one parent/guardian

      • topics to be discussed include determining where the student will apply, under which decision categories they will apply (ED vs EA vs Regular), whether or not the family intends to apply for financial aid, and the student and family’s schedule in the coming months

      • review of the family’s general expectations of the admissions experience and desired outcomes

  • Production schedule with a realistic timetable that completes admissions and financial aid applications in a timely manner that supports the student’s candidacy for acceptance.

  • Executive summaries emailed to the family every Monday that cover the following:

      • recent accomplishments and milestones reached;

      • tasks currently being worked on and their deadlines;

      • tasks or decisions outside of our control that are being waited on;

      • decisions need by the student and/or family;

      • and a general health check of how on well the project is going.

    • 1:1 tutoring and advising with students regarding admissions interviews, their resume, application essay, correspondence with colleges, and any additional application materials (writing samples, portfolios, auditions, etc…)

What IAC needs from you:

  • Input from both the student and at least one parent/guardian.

  • An honest reporting of what is and is not being accomplished.

  • A willingness to make decisions on a timely manner so the production schedule can be maintained to the best of everyone’s ability, and a flexibility to make adjustments when the need arises.