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Free College Admissions Workshop

for high school students & their parent(s)

The perfect way to start your college search.

Kick-off your college search with our interactive workshop for high school juniors, sophomores, freshman and their parent(s) so you can find the college experience that works best for your family. We break down this complex process into smaller segments, exploring each topic with a mix of mini-lectures and exercises designed to be fun and informative. We go behind the scenes of a college's search to build a class and explore how a family's college search should mirror this process.

Topics to be discussed include:

  • revealing parents’ vs. student’s expectations for the college experience';

  • learning how to see through the marketing to find the information you need;

  • gauging a school's competitiveness and your chances for acceptance;

  • considering your academic major and how it impacts the admissions process;

  • reviewing the additional steps taken by athletes and/or those in the performing/visual arts;

  • strategies for connecting with colleges to demonstrate interest;

  • planning college visits;

  • applying for admission and financial aid;

  • and negotiating for merit aid/scholarships.

Families will leave the workshop ready to tackle the search with purpose and direction.

How are these workshops free?
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Don’t see one in your area? Request IAC come to your town, or host a workshop in your own home and invite as many friends, family, and neighbors as you like!