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conduct a smarter college search

Providing the trade secrets you need to conquer the college admissions process.

Finding the right college has become an increasingly complex and competitive process in which schools benefit from being opaque. It wasn't always this way. Guidance counselors, parents, and family friends used to provide all the advice you needed to pick a college, but they can't keep up with the demands of the modern search.

Inside Admissions Consulting believes families can still conquer the college search for themselves when given access to the kind of insider information that only comes from working on the other side of the desk. Our workshops in the greater Pittsburgh area get high school students and their parents on the same page so they tackle the college search as a team. Our webinars allow families anywhere in the country to explore the college search process on their own timeline from their own home.

Everyone involved in this process wants the same thing; for students to find professional and personal fulfillment by attending the college that's best for them. Getting there doesn't have to be so hard.



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Services for Students & Families


It’s our unique curriculum translated to the web via video mini-lectures, worksheets, and homework done at your own pace in the comfort of your home.


Held in the greater Pittsburgh area, our workshops are affordable, accessible, and only take a few hours of your time.

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Our most personalized service, the one-on-one consultation typically lasts for 1-1.5 hours and is recommended for families who want individualized recommendations and coaching in the college admissions process.

Live in the greater Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Erie, or Morgantown areas? Host IAC’s 3-hour workshop in your own home and invite as many friends and family as you want. 

Services for High Schools


IAC is happy to serve as a panelist of speaker for your school’s college prep programming.

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if you’re interested in educating staff on their role in the search, hire IAC to conduct an in-service training.


Have a question about a particular situation with a student? Or a trend you’re seeing in college admissions? Simply encountering something for the first time and unsure how to handle it? Reach out to IAC.

Services for Businesses

Group Discounts

Purchase tickets for our workshops and online course at a discounted rate for your employees.

In-House Seminars

IAC will conduct a seminar in your place of business for your employees or your employees & their families.